Not For Long: the Life and Career of the NFL Athlete

Faculty Book: by Robert W. Turner II, July 2018 | ISBN: 9780199892907 | Edition 1
Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – 14:14

Drawing on personal experience as a former pro football player and interactions with over 140 current and former NFL athletes, Dr. Robert W. Turner II reveals what it means to be a high school and college athlete pursuing the dream of playing in the NFL, and why so many players struggle with life after football.

“Robert Turner’s ethnography of athletes’ journeys to and through the NFL is provocative and deeply discerning. He draws on life course, developmental, and sociological theories to unveil what the NFL and its patrons turn a blind eye too because they assume the lives of professional football players are much more glorious and desirable than the reality. By sharing his own football trajectory and those of others, Turner skillfully awakens readers to how professional football players imagined lives become in short order, unimaginable.” -Linda Burton, PhD, James B. Duke Professor of Sociology, Duke University